Mike Knepper



Hunting Tag Origins with Datadog

We created a parameterized dashboard in Datadog and noticed several tag discrepancies, such as env vs. environment or prod vs. production. AWS does not provide any sane way to query for tags across different services, as this Twitter thread laments, so I looked for ways to perform a sort of “reverse lookup” from Datadog. The following technique turned out pretty useful:

First, go to Datadog > Metrics > Summary and add a tag you’re looking for (e.g. environment:prod). The list of metrics is filtered down to incoming metrics from resources with that tag. Make note of at least one metric each service; for demo purposes I’ll use aws.s3.bucket_size_bytes.

Leave Metrics Summary and navigate to Metrics Explorer. Fill in the following:

  aws.s3.bucket_size_bytes  # the metric from Metrics Summary

  environment:prod          # the tag you're searching

One graph per:
  bucketname                # any human-friendly attribute

Tada! Datadog renders graphs to the right with each bucket’s name in the title.