Mike Knepper

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I’ve been diving deep into Terraform and AWS at work lately, leading the “platform team” at my current client. My team’s general mission is to make it easy for product teams to do the Right Thing (:tm:), such as properly configuring infrastructure according to security best practices, deploying that infra via CI, and monitoring and observing those systems over time. I’ve found it incredibly satisfying to have my developer colleagues as my direct “customers” or clients.

On the side, I’ve been building a tool called Jeru designed to assist with what I call “Terraform state surgery.” Follow the link to read more about it on GitHub.


My saxophones have been stuck in their cases for quite some time now. Group rehearsals have always been much more enjoyable and productive than practicing alone, but of course COVID has taken those away for now. Instead, I’ve been focusing more on the piano. In particular, I’ve been working on three things: